[A three-sided square] 

A three-sided square.
A midpoint on the way to nowhere in particular.
The sum of these angles doesn’t add up at all.
Hope you come home soon. 

Long for the touch of your protractor
just about anywhere on my circumference.
Venn diagrams aren’t the same without you.
Everyone is talking about our pair of compasses.

Darling, I am also,
in case you’re interested,
an incomplete wall, its stones badly mortared,
a labour dispute,
an overgrown garden.
You get the idea.

Mediate, legislate, renovate, cultivate.
Do anything. Just put affairs to rights.
Apparently I am willing to sell my birthright
for a taste of you.

Describe a perfect circle around me.
Show me your theorem and I’ll give you my proof,
demonstrate it only for you.

published in CV2 32.3 Winter 2010, written 1997